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ramp and lift gate serviceHendersonville, NC, is a beautiful escape from the fast pace lifestyle of cities throughout North Carolina. Its location in the Blue Ridge Mountains and convenience to Asheville makes Hendersonville a perfect place to settle down. 

If you are looking for more reasons to love Hendersonville, NC, just look at the multitude of opportunities for outdoor adventure, art appreciation, and enjoying great food and craft beer. There is even a Mast General Store downtown! 

While adventure may be calling, sometimes moving or expanding your business can cut into all of the beauty and fun that Hendersonville has to offer. Moving freight and heavy items is no walk in the park, but by hiring a moving company with access to ramp and liftgate service, you can be sure that the heavy lifting is off your back.

What Is Ramp and Lift Gate Service?

Simply put, when moving your belongings from house to house, or office to office, keeping things safe throughout the move is extremely important. By utilizing a ramp or lift gate service, you can ensure that your items are safe and sound. 

Ramp Service 

Ramps have been used for many years in the moving business. Alongside rolling dollies, ramps keep precious cargo off the ground with little risk of being damaged due to the negligence of moving contractors. 

Ramps make things easier on the moving team by allowing them to roll items instead of trying to carry items and pass them along from one person to another. Ramps are a great way for moving companies to mitigate risk and injury.

Liftgate Service.

Liftgates, on the other hand, are like small ‘elevators’ that are on the back of trucks. In many cases, liftgates are even safer than ramps, as your items are placed on a liftgate and lowered to the ground, where they can be rolled or carried off to their final destination.

Ramp and Lift Gate Service in Hendersonville, NC

Appalachian Movers Transport is the Carolinas trusted residential and commercial moving company, and has been since 2004. We are a full-service moving company based in Hendersonville, NC, and licensed in 48 states. Because we dedicate ourselves to taking excellent care of your valuables, we utilize both ramp and lift gate services to ensure that moving heavy items is a safe process. 

We will expertly transfer your huge things, whether it is for a residential or business delivery. Grand pianos, exam tables, hot tubs, copy machines, and other items that are simply too heavy to carry manually and securely can all be sent and delivered by our company. We can make the procedure of unloading and placing stress-free thanks to our freight unloading services.

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