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When shipping delicate items, it is important to use professionals who are experienced in the systematic shipping style known as blanket wrapping. Combined with the shock absorption of our air ride trucks, Appalachian Movers Transport is equipped to provide the gentlest and safest transport possible for your fragile cargo. Our ramp and liftgate service, as well as our freight unloading service, will make your next shipment a worry-free and efficient process. 

Blanket wrap freight, also known as pad wrap service, uses thick blankets called movers quilts to cushion and protect your sensitive and bulky items. This highly customizable method of protection makes it a cost-effective choice when compared with other solutions such as custom packaging or shipping crates. Blanket wrap services are ideal for shipments of trade show displays, industrial machines and appliances, fixtures and furniture, robotics and medical equipment. Because these blankets are reusable, you will have no bulky packaging to dispose of once delivery is complete.