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Why Choose an Expedited Moving Service?

Why Choose an Expedited Moving Service?

Tuesday, January 03, 2023

There is nothing more exciting than purchasing a new home. All of that hard work saving cash, skipping vacations, and forgoing costly things that your friends and family partake in has finally paid off. 

You've finally closed on the house of your dreams in the city that you have always wanted to live in. However, it's time to start packing and getting things moved into your new home. 


Why Choose an Expedited Service?

Many moving companies have a variety of services to get your goods moved into your new home. From white glove service to LTL - shipping and everything in between, there is something for everyone. However, just because you have hired a moving company, your precious belongings may not move on your timeline. 

You are not the only customer, and it is important to know that regardless of the moving company, there are several “moving” parts. Make sure that you choose the correct service to fit not only your needs but also your timeline.

What Is Expedited Service?

When you need something done faster than normal, you need expedited service. More often than not, when planning a cross-country move, your moving company will be utilizing LTL freight to move your belongings to your new home. 

The logistics alone to do this can make things complicated, as they must find a truck that has space for your things. On top of that, it has to be on the company's timeline so that they can get movers to help unload on the other end.

With all of that said, expedited shipping is the process of moving freight faster than normal. Most freight is expedited due to time sensitivities such as perishable or seasonable goods. Expedited shipping can also be used for just about anything, but there will be some additional costs involved. 

Expedited services offer shippers customized solutions that ensure that their timelines can be met through guaranteed deliveries. In addition to speed, expedited services guarantee fewer touchpoints and improved tracking capabilities. For businesses, expedited transportation works great when they are working in the context of lean or just-in-time inventory strategies.

When Do You Need Expedited Services? 

Because we are all living in a faster-paced world than ever before, expedited shipping services are extremely valuable for moving companies. For those that are looking for a quick turnaround on moving services for their home, it can be invaluable to know that their belongings will arrive on time and not in days and weeks to come. 

Businesses have been taking advantage of expedited services for years. It is critical for companies with time-sensitive business offers or perishable products. Timelines are tight, and demand can fade as an offer sits around. 

Beyond traditional time-sensitive products such as food and special offers, items such as new tech, clothing, books, and manufacturing materials may be shipped in an expedited manner. This ensures items get where they need to be on time and stress-free.

What Are the Benefits of Expedited Services?

The biggest benefit of expedited services is the guaranteed delivery time. Movers have precise schedules, but when you choose an expedited service, delivery time becomes the priority. Expedited movers will use a variety of methods to keep your items moving along the chain of custody until it arrives at their final destination. Sometimes drivers will even take shifts driving to keep things moving along. 

From a business perspective, expedited services make up a huge part of supply chain strategy, lowering costs and adding flexibility. By being able to ship smaller orders just in time, a company can lower its inventory liabilities and stay lean. This is huge for companies operating on a smaller budget. 

So How Long Does It Really Take?

When it comes to moving, traditional long-distance moving takes between 10 days to several weeks, depending on the freight company's schedule. However, with expedited service, movers can shave off days from your timeline. Of course, there are several factors that can impact your timelines, such as distance, budget, and total shipment. 

At the end of the day, your moving company will be able to give you a guaranteed timeline along with some sort of tracking system with your expedited services.

If you can afford it, working with expedited service will help you be more comfortable and relaxed, knowing that your goods will safely make it to your destination exactly when you want them to. 

Appalachian Movers Transport

If you are ready to take the plunge on expedited services, then Appalachian Movers Transport has you covered. When time is of the essence or a guaranteed delivery date is imperative, our expedited service is the answer. We maximize the return on your moving investment while minimizing loss. 

Our ability to provide full-service moving enables us to devote our resources and complete your local or long-distance move quickly and efficiently. To learn more, contact us today!