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What to Expect from Full Service Movers

What to Expect from Full Service Movers

Tuesday, July 05, 2022

We all know that moving is stressful. Checklists are to be made, your precious belongings need to be packed, and things need to be scheduled before moving can happen. 

Whether you are simply heading across town or the country, there are a plethora of things to do with often little time to do them. This begs the question of whether or not you should hire a full-service mover. 

What to Expect from Full-Service Movers 

Professional movers can handle just about anything, packing, loading and unloading, and driving your things to your new location. Hiring a professional full-service mover is great for those who would rather not deal with the headache of moving your belongings from point a to point b. It may not be the cheapest way to go about things, but it is a valuable asset. 

However, if this is your first time hiring a full-service moving company, you may not know what to expect. In this article, we will explain what your expectations should be when you hire a full-service moving company for your next big move.

1. Packing

Careful packing is key to a stress-free move. It can often be the most stressful and time-consuming part of moving, but by hiring a full-service mover, you can rely on them to make the right decisions on packing your belongings. By utilizing well-trained movers, they can quickly and safely box up your valuables while also securing anything fragile or expensive. 

Professionals know how to pack your cushions and cushion your crystal to ensure that everything arrives in one piece and order.

2. Supply Packing Materials and Supplies

Moving companies should always provide the appropriate packing materials and supplies. From boxes, packing tape, paper, and bubble wrap, full-service movers will take care of it all. Packaging material is very important, as it protects your material possessions.

3. Disassembly

Dealing with large, heavy furniture can make moving interesting. By hiring a professional full-service mover, you can be sure that they will safely disassemble furniture as needed so that it fits in the truck. 

4. Loading and Unloading 

Trust the experts with the heavy lifting. Full-service movers will pack your home and put everything securely into the truck, including any appliances you're bringing with you. They'll also unload the truck when you get to your new house.

5. Transporting

This is the primary service of a moving company, transporting your goods, whether it is across the street or the country. You should be provided with a delivery window to ensure that you have all your stuff that way, you can just plan on being at your new house, ready to get things organized and move in.

6. Unpacking

After your belongings have been transported and unloaded, full-service movers will unpack for you as well. As you prepare your new home and get things clean, they can be unpacking and putting things into the general area where you need them.

7. Piano Moving

Large pianos are much like heavy furniture, except for the fact that they are finely tuned musical instruments and, in some cases, works of art. Full-service movers assure that your piano will be safe and sound, along with any additional equipment. 

8. Disposal of Trash

After it's all said and done, moving can generate heaps of waste that needs to be disposed of. There can be hundreds of cardboard boxes and piles of plastic wrap and other packing materials. Full-service movers can ensure things are recycled or trashed so that you are not left with a pile. 

9. A Clear Timeline

Packing and moving can take several days when done alone, but when you work with a team of professional movers, you can set expectations and have a tight estimated timeline. Once a moving company takes inventory of everything they will be moving, they can have everything packed and loaded in around 4-5 hours. 

10. Transparent Pricing

Pricing for a full-service move can vary greatly due to many details but should be clear once the inventory and timeline are nailed down. Some of the factors included in pricing are:

  • Amount of inventory
  • Distance
  • Amount of packing materials
  • Timeframe of move
  • How many movers and trucks do you require?

At the end of the day, moving can be extremely streamlined when you hire professional full-service movers. It is their job to make your life easier, and because of that, it is a worthwhile investment. When it comes to moving, Appalachian Movers Transport has got you covered with:

  • Packing services
  • Car hauling
  • Blanket-wrapped fragile freight moving
  • Short and long-distance moving
  • Short notice expedited moving services
  • Piano Moving
  • Liftgate and ramp service.

We can move you around the country or the block. Based in Asheville and Hendersonville, we have been at the top of the industry since 2004. We have a license in 48 states and are completely insured. We can move up to 10,000 pounds of freight and even have air ride equipment.

Contact us today for a free estimate for local or long-distance, residential or commercial moving!