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Week by Week Checklist Before Your Move

Week by Week Checklist Before Your Move

Monday, August 07, 2023

Moving is stressful, and without a plan, it can be an absolute nightmare. Regardless of how much you have prepared, something will go wrong, someone will get mad, or something will break. It is just a fact of life; however, when you go into a move as prepared as possible, things can be much easier. 

Whether or not you are a planner, putting together a week-by-week checklist helps make it easier to face the challenge of moving. A solid plan ensures that there are specific tasks and actionable items divided out over time so that you do not get stuck doing everything at once. This allows for a sense of control and can help with anxiety and panic.

Doing one thing at a time can help with concentration and processing. So rather than wait till the last minute, we have put together a week-by-week guide on how to prepare for your next move. We hope this guide is helpful and can keep you from having a panic attack while loading up your already full trailer.

The Importance of Having a Plan

As a moving logistics company, we like to pride ourselves on our planning. We prefer to know what is happening minute by minute so that our employees can focus on what is at hand, instead of trying to figure out what they are supposed to do next. 

Proper planning is everything when it comes to big projects, especially moves. When a good plan is put into place, it is so much easier to “engage autopilot” and get what you need to be done. Some things that a proper plan can help with include:

  • Overcoming anxiety and fear of failure.
  • Creating a sense of direction that allows you to organize your time in the best possible way.
  • Allowing you to celebrate small successes as tasks are completed.

One way to put together a solid plan is by building a detailed checklist with deadlines and time frames. This not only gives you an idea of what needs to be done by a certain time but allows you to organize your project. 

The Checklist

Two Months Before Moving Day

  • Two months is a good time to start putting together a plan for your move. Ideally, at this point, you have had some time to gather information about your new area and have details on things such as the economic situation, cost of living, housing options, etc. 
  • Hire the right moving company or decide to move on your own. The earlier you can make a decision, the better, as moving companies are often booked out, especially during peak moving season.
  • Start going through your belongings, getting rid of any clutter or unwanted items. The more stuff you have, the more you have to move.
  • If you have children or are transferring from one university to another, it is important to assemble any school transcripts that the next school will need. 

Six Weeks Before the Move

  • Now is the time to start ordering packing material. A few ways that you can do this is through large companies such as ULINE. You can also ask your moving company to provide you with packing supplies. Additionally, for the DIY’rs out there, local retailers and package stores often have boxes sitting around. 
  • Start developing your packing strategy by making a list of what is used least to what is used the most. You can begin packing items that are needed least as well as things that will be needed immediately after the move.
  • Make a floor plan for your new home so that you can begin furnishing rooms. 
  • Check on any appliances in your new home. Now is the time to inspect all of the appliances and fixtures and look for things that need to be replaced or upgraded.

One Month Before

  • Update all of your accounts and subscriptions, or at least make plans to update them. Find out the best way to make these changes so that important mail does not continue getting sent to your old address.
  • Let people know that you are moving, especially friends, family, and your employer. Who knows, you may get some free labor out of a simple conversation.
  • If you are moving a considerable distance, make sure to scope out primary care physicians and other healthcare providers. Make sure that your health records are organized, and be ready to switch doctors.

One to Two Weeks Before

  • Check in with your moving company to ensure that everything is going to plan and discuss any last-minute details.
  • Pay any debts or bills that you may have that are location specific. Now is also a good time to return any late library books or anything that you have borrowed from friends or neighbors.
  • Make your last grocery trip and only get the essentials. Perishable food waste can be frustrating, especially when you can't bring it with you. 
  • Contact your energy service provider to make a plan of action to transfer electricity to your new home. Make sure that all of your other utilities, such as internet and water, are also taken care of so that you are not needlessly paying for utilities at both houses.

A Few Days Before

  • Defrost your fridge and freezer a few days before moving. 
  • Do the final deep clean of your home, making sure that the house is spotless. If you have cleaners, now is the time to engage with them to do a final cleaning. This is especially important if you are renting.

Moving Day

  • Make sure to do a final walk-through to ensure that you are not forgetting anything or anyone. 
  • Take photos of your empty home. For one, this helps with holding movers accountable in case they cause any damage to your new home. 
  • Call your utility providers to make them aware that you are ready to make the switch.
  • Begin unpacking after you are settled in, going room by room until things are finished.
  • Make a final inventory and check it against what you initially planned to move to ensure that you are not missing anything.
  • Celebrate! And then sleep!

Make Your Next Move a Breeze With Appalachian Movers Transport

While this list is a great starting point, there is nothing more reassuring than knowing that a team of professionals is here to help. When you work with Appalachian Movers Transport, you can rest assured that your belongings will be moved safely and on time. 

Our team of professional movers is licensed and insured and offers a multitude of services to make sure that your move is successful. Whether you are moving across the street or the country, we are here for you. Contact Appalachian Movers Transport today for more information about how we can help.