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How to Choose a Residential Moving Company

How to Choose a Residential Moving Company

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Moving can be an exciting time; maybe you have bought your first house or are moving into your absolute dream home. Whether you have a small apartment or a sprawling home, there are so many moving pieces involved in picking up and moving your entire life that finding ways to alleviate the extreme stress of moving is key to surviving a big move. 


How to Choose a Residential Moving Company

One way to lower stress levels is to hire a moving company. However, how do you know that you are working with a reputable company? Stress can only be alleviated when the movers are trustworthy, and finding the right residential moving company can make or break a move. 

In this guide, we will give some insight on some important factors in choosing the best residential moving company for you. 

1. Qualifications and Licensure

Finding professional movers can save you time and worry during a relocation. However, there are many cases where a moving company could be unreliable or even operate illegally. One way to nip this possible issue in the bud is by asking for a license.

Once you find out a license number for the moving company, head over to the United States Department of Transportation’s website and crosscheck the number. It should show up on their website, along with any complaints filed against that license. By doing your due diligence in checking out a license number, you could avoid damaged goods, scammers, and potential thieves.

Because moving companies are often using large trucks to move belongings from one place to the next, drivers will likely be required to earn a commercial driver's license or a CDL. If they don't have a CDL and are moving your personal belongings in a commercial truck, then they are probably breaking the law and are not the movers for you.

Professional movers should also have experience behind their belts. Entrusting a moving company to haul your personal effects from point a to point b can be demanding work. Professionals should know exactly how to correctly move large objects so that they do not get damaged. 

2. Insurance Coverage

Insurance is one of those things that you hope that you never have to use, but the moment you do, you are glad that you have it. With that said, professional movers are required to carry some form of insurance in the unfortunate case that something gets damaged or is left behind. 

In some cases, companies will also be bonded or carry an additional level of insurance. Be sure to check and see that your moving company has proof of insurance. 

3. Referrals

One of the best ways to decide on a moving service, or any service for that matter, is to get honest referrals from people that you know who have moved. Feel free to ask them if they had any issues or awkward situations with the movers that they used. Another way to gauge the reliability of a moving service is to check online reviews

Checking the Better Business Bureau to see whether or not they follow guidelines and resolve issues is also key. Regardless of whether reviews are positive or negative, dig into common problems or positives in the reviews. This alone can give you a solid survey of what dealing with the company in question will be like.

4. Understand the Services a Moving Company Offers

Not all moving companies can take care of your needs. Having an idea of what you need to be moved and how you would like for it to be handled is important to know when picking a moving company. 

The following services could make or break your next move:

  • Included moving supplies such as boxes and wraps
  • Packing services
  • Disassembly/reassembly
  • Transport of high ticket items
  • Piano moving

5. Rates and Fees

Transparency should be a key determining factor when it comes to doing business with a moving company. Rates and fees should be set and easy to understand so that there is no question about what you are paying for. When approaching a moving company, be sure to know everything you are planning on moving. 

This can help clarify any questions that a moving company could have and make it easier for them to give you a clear price. The more information, the better. 

Make sure that you have an understanding of when the movers require payment and whether or not they need a deposit. Knowing these things can keep you from overpaying for moving services.

Working with a residential moving company should be a breeze, but doing your due diligence and checking in to see which residential mover is best for you will ensure that's the case. 

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