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9 Things to Know When Moving Your Piano

9 Things to Know When Moving Your Piano

Monday, March 06, 2023

Owning a piano can be a wonderful experience, but when it comes time to move it, it can become quite challenging. Pianos are large, heavy, and fragile instruments that require special handling during transportation. Moving a piano can be a difficult and time-consuming task that necessitates careful planning, preparation, and execution.

It's not just a matter of lifting the piano and placing it in a new location. You need specialized equipment, experienced movers, and a significant amount of time and effort to ensure the piano is transported safely and securely. 

Moving a piano can also be expensive, as you'll likely need to hire professional movers with experience in moving pianos. While owning a piano can bring joy and musical enjoyment, the challenge of moving it can be a significant inconvenience. 

9 Things to Know When Moving Your Piano

Because it is such a challenging task, we have put together a list of things that most piano owners wish they knew before a move.

1. Plan Ahead:

Planning is crucial when it comes to moving a piano. Determine the best route to move the piano, ensuring it fits through all doors, hallways, and staircases. 

Take measurements of both the piano and the new location to ensure a smooth move. Plan the move date well in advance, and make sure to coordinate with the movers.

2. Measure the Piano

Pianos are big, heavy instruments, and it is easy to forget how truly monstrous they can be. Some grand pianos may weigh as much as 1400 lbs. Make sure to measure your piano so that you can determine the best way to move it and whether it will fit through doors and staircases. 

Knowing the dimensions and weight of the piano will also help the movers plan the move and ensure a smooth transition if you plan to hire a moving company.

3. Remove All Accessories

Before moving the piano, remove all accessories, such as pedals, music stands, and benches. Some pianos also allow you to remove the legs. This will reduce the weight of the piano and prevent damage during transportation.

4. Keep Things Secure

Closing and locking the lid of the piano is essential to prevent it from opening during transportation. This will protect the keys and internal parts of the instrument from damage. Additionally, depending on the type of piano, you may need to secure your piano to a piano skid board. 

This allows for extra strapping and padding to keep your piano from moving around while it is being transported.

5. Cover the Piano

Covering the piano with a protective blanket or cover will prevent scratches, dents, or other damage during transportation. A cover will also protect the piano from dust and debris. Furthermore, adding padding and shrink-wrap can further protect your piano from damage. 

6. Use Proper Equipment

Using specialized equipment, such as dollies and straps, is essential to move the piano safely and securely. Furniture dollies or straps may not be strong enough to handle the weight of the piano, which could cause damage.

If the piano needs to be moved up or down stairs, using a ramp or hoist is essential to ensure its safe transportation. Moving a piano up or down stairs without proper equipment is dangerous and can cause severe damage to the instrument.

7. Lift with Care

Because pianos are so heavy, it is essential to have plenty of hands to share the weight. Even the smallest of pianos can weigh several hundred pounds and take several adults to get it up and onto your moving dollies. 

8. Insurance

Insuring your piano during the transportation is essential to protect against any potential damage or loss. Check with the moving company or your insurance provider to determine the best insurance options for your piano move.

9. Hire Professional Movers 

Finding quality professional movers with experience in moving pianos is essential to ensure safe and secure transportation. Experienced movers have the knowledge and equipment to move the piano without causing damage.

Moving a piano can be a complex and challenging process. Yet, with careful forethought, preparation, and implementation, you may guarantee that your piano gets to its new home securely and intact. 

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